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Most viewed
Clip - "I'm smoking a cigarette"53643 views
Clip - "I don't have anything to celebrate"1935 views
Clip - "I think she wants to have sex with me!"1818 views
Clip - "You want me to blow on it?"1605 views
Deleted - "Rod hasn't got a penis"1226 views
Clip - "She doesn't stop talking"1003 views
David Letteman - February 5, 2009990 views
Clip "First time on a beach"939 views
Clip - "Pretty bad, in fact"820 views
Clip - "Grilled cheese sandwich vs. a taco"808 views
Clip - "The Brainiest Brain" (Voice)804 views
Clip - "Cats and dogs"681 views
Clip - "My friend would like to buy you a drink"681 views
Daybreak - June 20th 2013588 views
Clip - "All the attraction stuff"572 views
Clip - "Miss Huckabees"540 views
Clip - "I'm gonna say yes! YES!"537 views
This Morning - June 20th 2013536 views
Clip - "The gun"533 views
Clip - "Exams"509 views
Clip - "Have you been blind your whole life?"476 views
Clip - "Trees and bees"467 views
Behind the Scenes #01465 views
Clip - "And I like you too"461 views
Clip - "Mary Jane is a man in a mask"454 views
Featurette - Sequencing The Lookout436 views
Clip - "I don't care"435 views
Clip - "I wasn't a virgin"426 views
David Letterman - March 28, 2007392 views
Clip - "I'm not gonna lie to you, Rod..."386 views
The Cinema Judge Interview386 views
Max 60 Seconds Interview - Explicit/Extra 375 views
The View - September 7th 2012374 views
Clip - "Every relationship has its ups and downs"370 views
Live With Kelly & Michael - November 12th 2012366 views
Max 60 Seconds Interview359 views
Clip - "A nutjob"351 views
Clip - "My little sister Kirsty"335 views
Clip - "I missed you"333 views
Deleted - "Rod's stunts are really good"322 views
Clip - "You look exactly the same"320 views
Featurette - Unmasking the Mystery305 views
Trailer 301 views
DVD Extras - Commercial291 views
Clip - "You condescending prick"289 views
MTV Movie Awards - 2006288 views
Clip - "Way cooler than French"287 views
Clip - "I'd love to join"280 views
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